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Stepping on stage

Have you ever thought of stepping on to a bodybuilding stage? Perhaps you already have and now you want to come back better than ever before. Tarren McCall has date prepped countless athletes for stepping on stage at all levels of competition and across all classes - from amateurs to professionals Tarren has done it all.

Although the majority of Tarren's clients are regular people simply looking to improve their body composition and in turn be healthier, Tarren is highly regarded and sought after for her specialised knowledge and experience in prepping individuals, both male and female, to compete on the bodybuilding stage. Having competed herself for many years and earning her Pro Card and position in the Australasian bodybuilding Hall of Fame, Tarren knows firsthand what it takes. Tarren’s years spent on the judging panel as a NZIFBB judge means she knows exactly how to prepare contestants at the highest level and with the view of winning.

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