Our Approach

The Initial Consultation
The Initial Consultation

Your initial assessment is designed to develop a comprehensive profile of you. To achieve this you will be sent an email with a link to our online questionnaire that we ask you to complete. As part of the questionnaire we will require you to upload 2 recent photos of yourself (front and back). These should be no larger than 2 meg in size. This information creates a blueprint of data that will be used to develop your McCall's Champion Nutrition daily meal plan.

Your questionnaire will ask for details relating to:

  • Lifestyle
  • Current Eating Assesment
  • Weekly Exercise Regimen
  • Goal Assessment
  • Body stats
  • Lean Mass/Body Fat test - if available
  • 1st set of body images
Nutritional Plan Development

All information provided through the questionnaire process is then passed on to Tarren McCall to personally develop your first McCall’s Champion Nutrition daily meal plan.

Your complete customized meal plan will be emailed directly to you - ready for you to start following immediately. Please allow 3-4 days after submission of questionnaire to receive your McCall's Champion Nutrition meal plan.

While your meal plan is detailed enough to provide you with all the information you need it is also clearly and simply laid out making it easy to follow.

Meal Plan Updates

It is important to understand that as your body composition changes and begins to align with your goals it is essential for your nutritional values to be adjusted accordingly. This ensures optimal and ongoing results. With this in mind it is critical for your McCall's Champion Nutrition meal plan to progress and evolve as you do. A meal plan update is recommended every 3-4 weeks.

For this you will need to purchase a Meal Plan Update and complete the associated brief questionnaire. Your revised Information is compiled and again passed on to Tarren to make any necessary adjustments to your current plan.

The McCall's Champion Nutrition 3 step approach works because of the regular interaction you have directly with us.

Everyone’s body is different and this is what makes us humans such an interesting species. While the same principles work for everyone the exact level of effect varies from person to person. What might trigger one person to lose 5 kilos in a month may trigger someone else to only lose 3 kg. Its these differences that make it important to put regular monitoring and checks in place. Your Nutritional Daily Meal plan must evolve as you do otherwise your results will plateau.
Without getting too confusing let’s say we initially ascertain you require a daily intake of 2000 calories to start working towards your goal. Hypothetically you spend three weeks on this meal plan and as a result you progress 2-3 kilos closer to your goal. For you to continue making progress your Nutritional Meal Plan now needs to be updated to meet the requirements of your new weight and body composition. Failing to do so will turn your Meal Plan into a maintenance plan instead of a progression plan.
The McCall's Champion Nutrition-3-Step approach has been developed as the basic steps needed for you to reach your body transformation goals in the quickest and safest way possible while providing you with long lasting results. Once you have reached your goals we can develop your personal maintenance plans ensuring you can enjoy living every day in your newly conditioned body.

McCall's Champion Nutrition’s Mission Statement

To guide and motivate our clients to reach their health, fitness, performance and appearance goals through customized nutrition, honest information and training.

Tarren McCall, founder McCall's Champion Nutrition