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Meet Tarren McCall - Founder of McCall's Champion Nutrition

For the better part of 20 years Tarren McCall has been personally looking after the nutrition of people from all around the world - both athletes and clients from everyday walks of life; Tarren has come to be regarded as one of the best in her field. Her client list numbers in the thousands and includes people successfully losing weight, putting on muscle, and winning bodybuilding competitions across all classes in a number of countries. Tarren has achieved this through seeing people both personally in a one-on-one environment and through the online nutrition service that she extends to clients right here on her website. With years of experience under her belt, literally hundreds of success stories, and the unique experience of having been an NZIFBB judge, Tarren knows precisely what to look for and what an individual requires to achieve their desired goals. On top of this Tarren is able to deliver exactly what each individual client requires at an affordable cost through her online services.

  • Over 10 years transforming bodies through nutrition
  • Over 1000 individual clients have reached their transformation goals
  • More than 7000 kilos of fat lost from our total Weight Loss focused clients
  • More than 2500 kilos of lean muscle built from our total Size Focused clients

Vital Stats:


  • Natural Olympia, INBA - 1st Masters Tall
  • Natural Olympia, INBA - 1st Medium


  • Auckland NABBA Champs - 1st Senior Physique
  • INBA Natural All Women - 1st Women's Open Physique
  • 1st Senior Physique
  • Overall Women's Physique
  • INBA World All Women - 2nd Women's Physique
  • NZ NABBA Nationals - 1st Women's Senior Physique
  • INBA Natural Universe USA - 1st Women's Open Tall
  • Overall Senior Women's Physique
  • INBA Natural Olympia USA - 1st Senior Women's Physique
  • Gold Medal 1st Open Women Tall


  • Auckland NABBA Champs - 1st Senior Women's Physique
  • Australian WFF Commonwealth - 1st Senior Physique
  • International Pro AMS - 1st Open Physique Champion
  • INBA South Pacific Champs - 1st Senior Physique
  • NABBA Nationals NZ - 2nd Open Women's Physique
  • NABBA Universe Germany Champs - 3rd Senior Women's Figure
  • Overall Senior Women's Physique


  • NABBA Auckland Champs - 1st International Women's Figure Overall
  • NABBA Worlds - 1st Overall Senior Figure


  • NABBA Worlds - 1st Overall Senior Figure


  • WFF/NABBA Max International Aust - 1st Figure Over 35


  • NZFBB National Champs - 1st Overall Physique
  • WFF/NABBA Nationals - 1st Overall Physique
Tarren in jeans

Tarren McCall's Champion Nutrition: A Decade of Excellence in Nutrition Consultancy and Personalized Guidance

In amongst all of Tarren's international competing, finishing her nutrition studies, as well as raising four children and running a household, she formed Tarren McCall's Champion Nutrition.
10 years later Tarren and McCall's Champion Nutrition are recognized as one of Australasia’s most highly regarded nutrition consultancy service. Using one-on-one personalised nutrition plans, as well as conducting her highly popular international seminars, Tarren she has helped thousands of people through her nutrition consultancy approach.

Nutrition is the most powerful tool for body transformation and fortunately it’s the one tool we all have complete control over. We decide exactly what we put in our mouths – MCN educates people on what, when, and how much to put into their mouths to achieve their individual specific goals. It’s a simple concept but one delivered in a very supportive and motivating manner.

Tarren McCall, founder McCall's Champion Nutrition

No matter who you are, no matter your current condition, you absolutely, without doubt have the ability to change.

Tarren McCall, founder McCall's Champion Nutrition