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My eating plans work because I understand they need to fit into your lifestyle, must be easy to maintain, be affordable, have cheat meals and most of all taste great! Whether it be weight loss, muscle building, toning, etc. hundreds of my clients have already achieved their fitness goals and continue to maintain them.

Tarren McCall, founder McCall's Champion Nutrition

Champion Nutrition Success Stories

Customers have shared positive experiences about Champion Nutrition, highlighting its high-quality programs that deliver effective results. They also appreciate the exceptional customer service provided by us. Overall, the reviews emphasize Champion Nutrition as a trusted brand in the fitness and nutrition industry.

I have been seeing Tarren for over a year now. She is extremely GREAT at what she does and really knows her stuff. For my first comp prep, I went from 23% body fat to sitting around 9% for comp, not something that I really believed I could ever achieve. That, and stepping on stage which I had wanted to do since my 20s, it took me until I was 41 but I did it and Tarren has been a huge part of this. You don't have to be comp prepping to benefit from her expertise, you might just want to drop some body fat or get some guidance on Sports Nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, no matter how much the amount, Tarren has helped MULTITUDES of people to do this with the right much respect for this lady, and all of her own achievements as well!

Jennifer Dawson

My Story Is Simple, I wanted To Live My heaviest weight being 140kg's. Enough was enough, I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen! I lived on fast foods nearly every day for years; a home cooked meal was a rare thing but in saying this, it wasn't always a healthy meal. I drank all the time, a couple of beers each night after work & partied on the weekends like there was no tomorrow. Shopping for clothes was simply embarrassing as I was 3-4XL. I would have others find clothes for me & I would just be hopeful that the items fit. I needed to change my life! I looked at my son aged 14 at the time & wondered if I would make it to see him reach the age of 21. I wanted to see him grow into a man & see him with his own family one day. I looked at myself & thought s*** will I make it to the age of 50? Things had to change before it was too late. I went to see Mama T (Tarren McCall) of Champion Nutrition. Well what is there to say about this woman that hasn't already been said! She's straight to the point, successful, kind & caring. Nutrition set & the rest was up to me. I simply started by walking the roads & then got to the stage where I managed to walk from Te Atatu to Western Springs & back again. I got myself a boxing bag, 'exercycle' & a treadmill, had a plan & I stuck to it. I worked on maintaining my weight, working on core & fitness. Trust Stadium became my new founded playground. Now with the ability to run I had a track, many stairs & the hillside to work with. A turn of events & bad weather led me to joining a gym. In this time another journey lay ahead. I am now 79kg, less fat, more muscle & stronger. I must add now that I am truly grateful for all that Tarren has done for us; the kindness & extras all in such a short time. Thanks again Mama T This being a milestone this chapter ends - yet another is being written.

Jon Palavi

I promised Tarren that when I reached a 50kg loss I would share my story. In June 2013, I went to the doctor for a cold. I came away learning that I was pre-diabetic and needed to make some urgent changes. I was referred to a nutritionist and had my first visit on July 1st 2013. I was terrified. I thought I was going to be torn to shreds about my weight and my eating habits. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tarren was so lovely and understanding. She never for one moment made me feel less of a person for being overweight and I left my first appointment with a nutrition plan and a new sense of motivation. Throughout my journey Tarren has been so giving and supportive and has always made me feel good about myself. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t! wanted to lose 20kg before my brothers’ wedding in January 2014. I worked hard and had lost 24kg by then. This was empowering and kept me going with even more determination. In 12 months I had lost 40kg and today, nearly 17 months on I have lost a total of 51.9kg. I have so much more energy, strength and confidence. I feel like I am really living my life. It has also given me mental strength and I continue to surprise myself with the things I am capable of. The team at The Olympic Pool and Fitness Centre have been awesome supporters, giving me exciting and challenging workout plans and encouraging me with my progress. They have all seen my journey and I’ve even had strangers come up to me at the gym commenting on how much weight I’ve lost! My family and friends have been so overwhelmingly supportive and understanding. I would not have been able to get this far without them. Especially my parents who, in the first few months, received several emotional phone calls from me crying about how I wanted to give up and how badly I wanted some hot chips!! Looking back on the photos, I really can’t believe how far I have come. I amaze myself! And that is the most important thing I have got out of this whole experience. I can do it. I have done it. I never imagined I would be telling this story - at the beginning I really didn’t think I could do it. I proved myself wrong and am determined to keep going a bit more to achieve all my goals.

Laura Balmforth

Well were do I start......2013 was the year I said this is enough … I weighed 135kgs and … I wasn't impressed. I said to myself I needed to do something to change the way I look and feel and so my journey began. I went to seek help from a personal trainer to get me started and set I goals for myself. I was so unfit - I remember the fitness test I did - I was so soaked from all the sweat but I needed more to help with my goal to one day compete in a bodybuilding competition. A friend recommended I check out a very special woman who has help me so much and seen my transformation take place. A year has passed now and the picture you see on the right is the morning before competing in the weekend weighing 85kgs. 50kgs (less) later and I feel so much better, much healthier and now I can spend more time with the family, playing more with the kids and just enjoying life. No doubt there has been ups and downs but its about dealing with it and never giving up and believing everything is possible - just "DO IT". Truly there is no looking back on the weight as I’m focused to strive forward and maintain my new lifestyle. Big thank you Tarren McCall forever greatful, and glad to be part of such an awesome team - TEAM CHAMPION.

Damian Ioane

*WARNING PREPARE TO BE INSPIRED* Vanessa started her journey at her heaviest weight of 80 kg. She had poor eating habits, smoked, & believed the gym was for 'posers'. She was even put on a nebuliser every 6 months at the hospital. Someone suggested that she look at bodybuilding to get her eating under control & to lose some weight. She then sought help from Tarren McCall of Champion Nutrition which ultimately changed her life. Vanessa now sits at 58 kg in her 'offseason'! "I never get sick of what I eat, I have so many options". "Tarren is super supportive & her wealth of knowledge is invaluable". If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle & are seeking professional help, visit …

Vanessa Bartley

150kg before – 95kgs after! The day after weighing in at 150kg, I decided it was time to make a change … After several months, my weight loss began to plateau. I was referred to Champion Nutrition by a friend, and mulled over it for a while thinking all I needed to do was eat less and I would start to lose weight again. Eventually after becoming malnourished and depressed I took what I thought at the time to be a big step and made an appointment to see Tarren. The day of the appointment came around and I was having a day where I just didn’t want to do anything, I literally had to drag my self to Albany and up the stairs for my initial consult, and it’s the day that truly changed my life. The ongoing support, the meal plan, the work out guidance has helped me to now lose 55kg. My life has changed for the better so much since joining Team Champion and I’m eternally grateful Tarren for everything she has done.

Joe Stowers

I first started my journey in August 2012 at 123 kilos. I lost about 18kgs through doing what I thought was clean eating before seeing Tarren in April 2013. When I saw Tarren I was approximately 105kgs and 40 % body fat, I also had little to no muscle. Today, after following the nutrition plan set out by Tarren I am 81.7kg (41.3kg loss) 24% body fat and have 62.5kg of lean mass. I plan on competing on November 15th and can't wait to see what I can bring to the stage with the help of these lovely ladies. Thank you so much for changing my life! xx

Georgia Spence

A big thank you to everyone who supported me in my Miss Universe New Zealand journey! So glad to have made it to top 12! Being a part of this journey made me realise that opportunities are endless if you work hard & set your mind to it. I am grateful to those of you who have supported me since day one, for your generous donation of time, money and goods for my charity auction, buying tickets and voting for me!!! Special thanks to my sponsor Tarren McCall from Champion Nutrition NZ such a positive influence in my life. Thank you for transforming me to the person I am today and continuing to support my endeavours. I could not have done this without you!!!!!

Niki Singh top 12...Miss Universe NZ

I'm absolutely stoked with how I have turned my life around. At this stage I have lost a total of 28.6kgs. I just want to say a big thank you to Tarren McCall. I could not have done this without you! Been one amazing journey so far, but this is only the start!

Nathan Johnston

I'm on a new journey! 13 weeks ago I was lost - I pulled out of my first comp, I was deflated! I lost my s… for 8 weeks, piled the weight on... I just didn't care. Then I got in contact with Tarren , expressed my thoughts and problems mentally and emotionally and well this is 14 days between photos!! I'm super proud and ready for the next 14 days! I’ve worked my arse off through determination and will power and with the best meal plan ever! Couldn't ask for anything more to get me to my dream of being on stage!

Lisa Rowland

Here's my story...At 41 years old I discovered my husband was cheating on me while I was fighting early stages of cancer. Decided to kick him out, raise my two kids alone and build myself a better body. Today, I have a new man who is my soul mate, a new body (lost 10kgs, lost 10% body fat) and 9 weeks away from my first comp. I'm nowhere near my goal but "I'm never gonna stop until I get what I want" as per the song title for Generation Iron :-) Huge thanks to the inspiring Tarren McCall.

Minnie Singh

I was 86kgs when I saw Tarren the first time (couldn’t believe it) and was sitting at 39% body fat. I only had a goal of losing 10kgs before a party and gave myself 10 weeks to do so. I ended up losing 23kgs all together! When I saw my before and after photos I couldn’t believe my eyes and how much my body had changed, I actually cried!

Gina Petrie

I've done it, from 108 kg's to 89 kg's. A big thank you. Without you I would never have done this in four months. I have my life back and I am loving it. Thank you everyone.

Bronson Botha

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