Weight Loss Plus

Online training and nutrition program for those needing to lose 30kg – 60kg and over


Our Weight Loss Plus is for the individual who has 30-60 plus kgs to lose. This approach has been designed by Tarren McCall to help you lose a large amount of excess body fat stores and to help you get your health under control. Your balanced nutrition is customized specifically to your evolving body composition.

Pair your prescribed nutrition perfectly with the specified energy output of our online training to acheive your desired goal.  Designed for both men and women of any age and any fitness level this approach will not only help you lose weight but will teach you how to keep it off forever.

  • First 28 days of resistance and cardio training plus initial personalised meal plan.

Specific to this goal you can purchase your additional online personalised training programs separately through our website.  We recommend a total 24 weeks consecutive training for this goal.

Nutrition check-ups and diet updates as required – available through our website.