Lose Weight – Feel Great

Online Training and Nutrition for those wanting to lose between 10kg – 20kg


If you want to shed body fat and achieve a fit and toned physique, improve your overall health and feel great then our Lose Weight – Feel Great program is for you!  Based on your online questionnaire results, stats, and body images, Tarren McCall will develop your first customized meal plan in line with the requirements of her Lose Weight – Feel Great approach.

We pair your prescribed nutrition perfectly with the specified energy output of our online training to acheive your desired goal. Lose Weight – Feel Great  is available for men and women of any age if you have between 10-20 kg to lose.  If you desire to lose more weight please check out our Weight Loss Plus program.

  • First 28 days of Resistance and Cardio Training plus
  • Initial Personalised Meal Plan

Specific to this goal you can purchase additional online personalised training programs separately through our website.  We recommend a total of 16 weeks consecutive training for this goal.

Nutrition check-ups and diet updates as required – available through our website.